Between February 2004 and November 2005 I made five trips to Washington DC, twice in my capacity as adjunct professor of Political Science at Rutgers University. I always love being to our nation's capital and include here some of my favorite photos from those trips on this page.

The Washington Monument in October, taken from the East Mall.

The Washington Monument in February, taken from the Jefferson Memorial.

The north side of the Whitehouse.

Outside the Jefferson Memorial.

Taken from the bridge to Arlington Cemetary.

The majestic spires of the Smithsonian Castle.

The reflecting pool, Febuary 2005.

Capitol Hill.

My favorite war memorial in Washington, the District of Columbia World War I Memorial.

The Korean War Memorial.

The Iwo Jima War Memorial.

Georgetown's Holy Trinity Catholic Church and the Washington National Cathedral (Episcopalian).

The Vietnam War Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln, close up.

The World War II Memorial.

Teddy Roosevelt gets feisty!

Teddy Roosevelt's island.

February 2005 construction, all of which was finished by...

October 2005.