Part 2: Summit Sunrise

We did it!

Yes, not just Michiko and I but all twelve of us arrived at the summit before sunrise. That's an impressive feat, and statistically, a challenge: it is said that only 2/3rds of those who begin climbing reach the top. That we all arrived with a good half hour to spare before sunrise was a solid accomplishment.

The sky glowed as we looked over the clouds.

Please note that we technically climbed Mt. Fuji when the climbing season had finished. We did this in the hope that we would miss the crowds that are so characteristic of summer climbs. There were fewer people, but there was still no shortage of eager climbers.

And eventually, the sun rose above the clouds.

There isn't too much to do at the summit except admire the crater, the sky, and the views. So after just an hour Michiko and I took a side path down the mountain

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